Wholistic Nutrition

Wholistic Nutrition Program: 
2-day Wholistic Nutrition Program, 3 meals / day included
Fees= $350+tax
460 Ste-Catherine West, Suite 908, Montreal 
Wake up your full potential by using the hidden power of healthy, live nutrition! 

Experience the best detox in Montreal!

GM Brana is a spiritual teacher and the founder of AnandaOm, an academy for self-development and holistic wellness. Born with natural capabilities to harmonize subtle energies, she uses this gift to assist her students in their personal evolution to enable them to reach their full potential and harmony. Brana’s formal education background is in science and business. She holds a Master of Science degree in biomedical engineering and has held several successful advisory roles in both independent and global companies. She integrates this wealth of experience, knowledge and her natural capabilities to create a powerful synergy of wisdom plus love energy to be used for both healing and self-empowerment.

Learn how to self-heal with food!
Nutrition fundamentals 
Healthy nutrition: food & water 
Health and lifestyle 
Detox for various organs 
Nutrition for spiritual people 
Nutrition for life in the city 
Nutrition for self-healing 
Nutrition for anti-aging 
Nutrition for weigh-loss 
Smoothies and Elixirs 
Cooked vs. Raw Food
Live food and bio-photons
Sugar, fungus, dairy, chemicals and GMO effects
Live food for babies 
Individualized nutrition programs
How to shop for healthy nutrition 
How nutrition affects happiness 
Colon cleansing and enemas 
Fundamental supplements 
Delicious meals preparation 
Latest scientific studies on nutrition 
How to seamlessly migrate to a healthy nutrition 
Spiritual teachings
Motivation and Inspiration 
Holistic lifestyle in practice 
Energy healing 

No pre-requisites are necessary. 

Who should attend this class? 
Anyone who would like to detox 
Anyone who has a busy lifestyle 
Anyone who has a health condition 
Anyone who would like to self-heal 
Any holistic practitioner, life or health coach
Any spiritual seeker 
Anyone who would like to slow-down aging 
Anyone who would like to lose weight 
Anyone who has strong food cravings 
Anyone with digestive issues 
Anyone who feels fatigue or pains 
Anyone who has sugar, alcohol or tobacco dependence 
Anyone who is frequently ill 
Anyone who has concentration or memory issues 
Anyone who feels discouraged 

Everyone can benefit from live food detox. On an everyday basis, we are all exposed to toxins from foods, water, toxic substances and environment. Other habits on an emotional and mental level have a similar effect, and a fast-paced multitasking lifestyle that has created a lot of pressure. Live food detox allows the body to divert the energy normally expended on the digestive process and use it, instead, on the eradication of toxicity, acidity, and other bodily contaminants. Additionally, live food has long been heralded as a potent state for spiritual evolution. You’ll receive invaluable information, how to prevent imbalances and use food for self-healing in a loving way. Our Wholistic Nutrition workshop teaches you how to make delicious meals out of the highest quality ingredients and empowers you to take this information home with you to share with those around you. It’s a blueprint of holistic lifestyle, which allows you to lead a joyful life. Eating a raw food diet might be a wonderful, new experience for you. Your body and spirit will love, fresh, living food, and you will experience abundant energy results.

Do you love yourself enough to heal yourself? The body regenerates itself. Our bodies became very acidic and toxic from the foods that we have been taught are good for us. Learn how to heal and revitalize yourself with natural detox. Eating live food nutrition enhances cellular function, increasing your vitality. Clean and open all the pathways within yourself and let spirit flow through you with ease, removing “dis”. This will bring a sense of wellbeing that is unimaginable. Natural healing is a style of healing where you assist your body to charge up its own natural and powerful self-healing ability. When you create a lifestyle where you eliminate the many things that cause the disease, and increase those things that create powerful health, your body will get healthier and stronger. And when it’s strong enough, it repairs, rebuilds and heals. Natural healing is about focusing on the good, on creating a healthy life, and having a lot of fun doing this, and then letting your body and spirit take care of what it does best, which is repair and heal you. 

Max number of participants is 15.

What will you get?
Instructor-led training and manuals 
3 live food smoothies and meals a day for detox made out of high quality (mostly local) organic, live veggies & fruits, nuts, seeds, sprouts, sea vegetables and super-foods 
Recommendations on holistic literature 
Published case studies on healing various conditions with food- cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, lung disease, osteoporosis, obesity, candida, digestive conditions, multiple-sclerosis and others.

Instructor: GM Brana, MSc biomedical engineering, eCornell University- T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition certified 
E-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone (514) 999-4018.