Private Consultations

Remote, confidential and private consultations, to help you turn around a challenging life situation.

Ananda Om Activation
This is a private time with a Reiki Master, who facilitates healing your relationships with wellness, career, wealth, family and friends, and helps you materialize your true desires. During this treatment, you will feel the weight dropping from your shoulders, and emotional blocks related to shame, guilt, grief, fear and anger melting away. Going from physical or emotional crisis to harmony with the environment is part of spiritual awakening. This therapy aims to help you turn around a challenging life situation, overcome a chronic or sudden loss, remove limiting beliefs and to reach your full potential. This personalized service develops leadership qualities and clears obstacles to abundance. Through a combination of talking to provide awareness and energy treatment, you will feel empowered to benefit from life opportunities, which bring you on the path of bliss and fuller consciousness. Once you make advanced realizations, they are yours for life, and nothing can take them away. The Ananda Om Activation will benefit you in any situation, which you face in the future.

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