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    Pathological narcissism is a pattern of traits and behaviors, which signify obsession with the self often to the exclusion of all others, and the ruthless pursuit of self-gratification, dominance and ambition. Person’s astral body, which is often referred to as our soul, is dominated by the superego. ...
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  • Relaxation Services to Corporations

    Immediate and effective relaxation and stress relief for your executives and staff! Research has proven that wellness programs in the workplace save businesses money and make for happier, more productive employees, which means more loyalty, lower absenteeism, better workforce morale, less employee turnover and more business for you, not to mention ...
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  • Dr. Oz - Reiki as His Number One Doctor's Order

    Renowned cardiovascular surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz recommends Reiki as his number one “Doctor’s Order” on The Dr. Oz Show: “Try Reiki” Dr. Oz urges 3.5 million TV viewers. Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has made frequent appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show, as well as Larry King, CNN, and other networks, recommended Reiki as one of his favorite complementary ther ...
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  • REIKI - Stress Reduction and Prevention Technique

    “51% of Canadian employees experience a great deal of stress at work. 25% of these employees have been physically ill from workplace stress” Aventis Healthcare Survey 2002 ...
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  • Was Jesus a Reiki Master?

    Many students asked me is Reiki consistent with the Bible. Was Jesus a Reiki Master? My research reveals that according to the Bible, Jesus healed many people by the laying on of hands. ...
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  • Compassion for Animals

    AnandaOm’s wish for the world is to treat all beings with love, kindness and respect. We invite you to help two male calves Nemoo and Calvin at the animal sanctuary SAFE in Potton, Québec. It’s nice to meditate on compassion, but it’s far more important to actually practice real compassion by doing something for those without a voice. One small act ...
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  • Wellness is a Choice

    Our lifestyle choices impact our wellness. This fact alone can be very empowering. Let's take a look at how we could reap the benefit of abundant energy, optimal weight, health and happiness. There are some indigenous populations with almost no heart disease, no cancer, no diabetes, no high blood pressure and no obesity like the Papua New Guinea Hi ...
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  • Reiki Changed My Life

    Sun. Sandy beaches. A bit of fun and relaxation in Mexico. That’s what I wanted. Or at least that’s what I thought I wanted. After all, vacation was just something I did to relax and get away. Leaving the cares and troubles of everyday life at home and drown the true issues in a large margarita. But the universe knew better and had a surprise waiti ...
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  • Virtues for Awakening

    Virtues for Awakening Virtues are the most precious treasure. Students take many classes from different teachers, related to various energy or spiritual methods, hoping that their psychic, manifestation and healing powers will increase. Without developing virtues though those classes are futile. It’s not sufficient to believe that we are virtuous, ...
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  • Awakening Divine Love

    Falling in love is a natural phenomenon, an inbuilt desire in all humans irrespective of age, educational background or financial status. Regardless of their social and economic circumstances, all people fall in love. There are different types of love, but today, let’s look at a unique type of love: agape. What is agape love? ...
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