Ancient Himalayan Master Practices

-Learn how the ancient Himalayan Masters used energy as a therapy; 
-Experience permanent astral transformation; 
-Get activation of 4 new astral organs; 
-Learn how to use dynamic energy; 
-Learn how to transfer energy in person and remotely without symbols; 
-Start activating telepathic abilities; 
-Use the ancient Himalayan massage to transfer vibrations to the cells; 




- setting of the individual objectives;

- meditative exercise: astral transformation: the formation of our new high-energy astral body and mental care of the Master;

- mastering the technique for telepathic connection;

- mastering the technique for the transmission and exchange of high-frequency vibration, direct and remote;

- opening up new energy channels of the arms corresponding to high frequency vibration; 

- mastering the art of pranic breathing to increase a vital energy in the cells of the body and rejuvenate tissues and organs;

- mastering the art of healing vibration; 

- utilization of a special technique for mental programming leading to the cellular reorganization of the physical body, through four astral bodies, corresponding to specific organs and systems of the physical body; 

- mental self-healing settings; 

- utilization of the unique healing art of the Ancient Himalayan Master, integrated telepathically, vibration and mental impact;

- mastering the art of the Himalayan healing vibration massage; 

- setting and solving individual goals by understanding the cellular intelligence;

To register for the Ancient Himalayan Master Practices, please contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or phone (514) 999-4018. Thank you!
Fee= $250+tax

Reiki 1-7: static astral energy, green when manifests; 
Ancient HMP: dynamic astral energy, swirling red when manifests; 
DivineYu Reiki 8 & 9: infinite field of possibilities above astral & mental energy, colorless, formless; 

A certificate recognized by the Naturo-Therapy Association will be issued by AnandaOm for the Ancient Himalayan Master Practices class.