After the Magnet+ to Prosperity seminar: "I already see a difference how I view money. As an exchange of energy to one to another. The magnet to prosperity will surely help me since I work in the financial sector dealing with bankers. Thanks Brana and to all who attended the meditation." February 21st, 2015 "I've already received 4 job offers that I didn't even apply for this week!" J.N. February 27th, 2015 "Same here....opportunity to work with children with disabilities has come up, as well as meeting an old musician friend from high school - who knows where it will lead but things are happening!! Merci Brana!!" L.T. February 27th, 2015 "I wanted to send out my gratitude from my heart. You touched my heart and my very core. I see myself being healed already. You are so precious, thank you. And i Thank the Universe for bringing you to me. I feel so so blessed." S.B. Montreal, December 21, 2014

"I want to thank you so much for the wonderful lessons and to bring this training, I am feeling so much happier, lighter and grateful than before attending your Reiki group. Even my laugh changed, I am so positive, and sometimes I really feel like my inner child is free and alive. I did one Reiki session in my husband and my hands get so hot, that I was surprised, but it was really good, he liked it." T.R. Montreal, December 15, 2014

"I just want to share my amazing reiki experience. Tuesday i badly sprained my ankle. My foot muscle ripped, my ligaments were almost torn, and a piece of bone chipped off my foot. The doctor said it will take 3-4 days for me to be able to put pressure on my foot and 2-4 weeks to be able to walk properly. After a first reiki session i was able to support my complete weight and with todays session i can walk with a slight limp!!!!!!" L.C. Montreal, December 11, 2014

After the Second Degree Reiki Seminar: "Brana, God bless you for today. It was an wonderful day. What is beautiful is that in two weeks you are able to liberate others and me in the same time. Nothing's happening by chance, life is so amazing. Thank you so much you and people like you that open doors for us. Blessings." J.R. Montreal, December 8, 2014

"Thank you Brana, you are an amazing teacher." L.M. Montreal, December 8, 2014

"Thank you Brana GM, it's always amazing to learn from you." S.A. Montreal, December 8, 2014
"Brana, Thank you! I just want to let you know that I have practiced self-healing and got rid of a migraine last week!" C.V. December 4, 2014

"Good Day Brana, I just wanted to take a moment from my busy schedule to say Thank You for the initiation into Reiki 1 class this past weekend. I left your class feeling so serene and well with myself. The Reiki classes will be a gift to myself, to help me be a better person, to cope with the challenges that come my way, and also, so that I may and give and receive this wonderful energy to those around me. I look forward to seeing you again soon, to participate in future classes, as they truly fulfill the purpose of self improvement, and at the same time, allow myself and others to feel surrounded by peace in this oasis of love. I wish you a wonderful day." A.P. Montreal, November 18, 2014 

After the first degree DivineYu Reiki initiation over Skype: "Hello everyone. I would like to share wonderful news. Drs told me I was completely deaf in right ear. So I did my first healing on me and WHAM! I can hear fully and ear is completely functional. I feel so blessed and greatful. Here's to a remarkable teacher and friend- Thank you, GM Brana! I've also been colored blind in my right eye for awhile now. Today , I did self-healing on me. Fell fast asleep and when I woke it. I don't have the words- I have my full vision restored! Reiki is changing my life in huge ways everyday! Thank you all for your love! There is so much more love and acceptance in my life. I have to say are an incredible teacher. I thank you for opening this world to me. It's just you shining right through me, Brana! Of all the various health issues I had and are now gone completely. I was having seizures on a daily basis for a long time. Ever since I started self-healing I have had zero seizures!! It's been a month!!! I am so grateful to GM Brana and all of you! For seeing me through some difficult times this last year! I love you! Thanks for being my family!I can't wait to take it to the next level... Namaste." R.D. USA, October 28, 2014

"Thank you Brana! Feeling very blessed to have found the reiki school, leading to lovely transformation within myself." L.M. October 27, 2014 Montreal

"Brana was quick to sense which areas of my life (connecting to different areas of my body) needed the most helping or healing. Her intuitive nature makes her able to connect with each person on a deeper level, knowing just how to approach them, and make them feel comfortable and at ease. I soon began to see a difference in my life. In my ability to cope with all that was happening, including a stronger sense of support and community behind me. I learned to self-heal and knew where to turn to if I needed an extra boost." Read More

"I would like to express my sincere gratitude. My nose broke 2 months ago and I was left with a frozen face. After just one session with GM Brana, I was very surprised that this issue was resolved. Thank you for restoring my smile!" Rosanna, February 25, 2014

"I would like to say a few words about my experiences with energy healing at the Reiki Grandmaster Academy and why I believe it works. My mother, an 82 year-old widow, was brought to the hospital because of severe bone pains and was unable to get out of bed without help and without strong painkillers, which doctors prescribed believing it was arthritis pains. I then asked Brana to do a group healing on my mom and within approximately 3 days after the group healing my mother was discharged from the hospital and was sent back to her home and she is able to move around without pains. I truly believe the group healing worked for my mom and it wasn’t the hospital nor the strong painkillers that worked for my mom but the energy healing. I also want to describe another healing experience that I witnessed with my husband. This year, my husband had strong sciatic pains in his leg that lasted over 6 months. He was unable to walk properly and was in constant pain. His doctor examined and said to him that it was a “sciatic pain” and “this pain will never go away, it will stay with you for life”. I then decided to tell Brana and we did a group healing and to his surprise, his sciatic pain was healed after approximately 2 weeks. He then went to see his doctor who was in awe and couldn’t believe his eyes because he never saw that happen in his career. Thanks Brana for all your help!" Pina, Montreal, December 18, 2013

“Please send energy for my son. He has a large fissure, is in severe pain and is bleeding. After the Reiki Group Therapy… Thanks so much friends. He's doing much better! He slept well last night and woke up this morning pain free.” Mitra, Montreal, December 13, 2013

“I truly believe: A relationship with a Master is not that of a speaker and an audience, or a teacher and a student but that of a love affair of a Master and his/her devotee. Only then will the ego dissipate, and true knowing occurs... Otherwise, the student will think he learns, but in reality he only hears.. Knowledge and knowing occurs only to the devotee. Yet, the student will pass through all phases from being a student with skepticism, to a disciple of knowledge to a devotee of knowing... Love you GM Brana.” S.B., Montreal, December 11, 2013

"The meditation yesterday was amazing! Thank you GM Brana!" Rita, Montreal, December 12, 2013

After the Fifth Degree Reiki Seminar: "The energy was amazing!" Irene, Ottawa, December 10, 2013

After the Fifth Degree Reiki Seminar: “I had a lovely time as always swimming in our beautiful energy ! Love xxxxx” Jen, December 8, Montreal, 2013 

“Thank you dear friends for all the love and energy we shared today. I felt so much better by the end of the class and the energy is still up! I Decorated the Christmas tree as well, and realized understanding, forgiveness and compassion for me and mom are my path to inner peace and freedom. Thank u and love u all.” Shereen, Montreal, December 7, 2013

“Dear Brana, I wanted you to know that my sister’s situation has improved, and that I managed to do the Reiki energy surgery this evening after using an emergency symbol on her yesterday. She’s also gotten antibiotics for the infection post operation. I really appreciate your advice last night. Thank you very much.” Tanya, Montreal, November 28, 2013

"Thank you, Ada- my sista of 30 years for taking me to Brana's that cold day in November last year where we became one of the first Original Reiki practitioners in North America, and now Masters. It is where our life's journey took a turn we never expected, and don't know quite where it will lead. Uncertain at first what this experience was all about, we kept with it and now it has opened opportunities we never knew we had. It has given us an awareness that we must honor, hold and share. All to say friends, we are all being asked to listen to that voice inside each of us - now more than ever - and although we might not understand the message, know that it will not lead you astray. Follow the crumbs of serendipity and synchronicity - they will lead you to that place where everything feels right, and being authentic is a prerequisite. Despite how it feels or what others may think, do it anyway. Can you imagine that? Embrace the oddity of it, if it appears so. Grip the fear, if it faces you. Love the journey of your life, if you dare to." Lucy, November 25, 2013, Montreal

"Reiki Grandmaster Academy made an unforgettable splash in Toronto's Convention Center! The doors are open wide for this powerful Energy to expand in the new year! A very bright halo was glowing around Brana as she harmonized the crowd .. I thank you on behalf of everyone at the show who received your Healing Light!” Sylvie, Toronto, November 24, 2013

“My sister’s face was paralyzed during her pregnancy. Doctors told us that she may recover in 3 months, 6 months or never. After the Reiki Grandmaster Academy Group Therapy Sessions, her sensations returned, and in two weeks she is healed, one the scale 1 to 10, she is 8. Reiki Grandmaster Ana took personal interst, and sent Reiki energy a few times to my sister. I had faith in Reiki, but seeing physical results on my own sister is amazing.” Lucia, Montreal, November 20, 2013 

After the Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practice Seminar: "Thank you...I am feeling more complete with each seminar and this one was enormous for me." Kat, November 18, 2013 

After the Reiki Group Therapy Session: “Dear Brana, My best wishes to you. I would like to share with you and the group my testimony from last night's group healing session. When I walked to the chair in the center of the room and sat down, for a second while I was talking, my head felt like it was on fire! I have never experienced such a sensation! Then all of you sent me your energy and unconditional love. Last night, I slept all night! I didn't have pain at all! This morning my husband was delighted because I walked down the stairs like I was 25 years old! I had no pain in my joints nor complaints about my arms which in the morning are usually painful and stiff. Thank you! Thank you! To all of you for your compassion and love! I take you in my heart and I hope soon I will be participating in the meetings via Skype or webinars. And like the icing on the cake, I woke up extremely happy! I had a dream seeing my daughter, smiling at me and embracing me. I felt so much love and peace! I was so, so happy! Love to all.” Gloria, Montreal, November 14, 2013

“Thank you Brana and everyone. It was so lovely being among the reiki family and feeling the energy.” Shereen, Montreal, November 14, 2013

"I highly recommend taking the Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practice seminar! It is a powerful practice." Marina, November 12, 2013

“It was so amazing to take a course with an ego-less instructor. I just did my first energy surgery. I have six more levels to go, the last two being degenerative illnesses and destructive patterns. And even more cool, next weekend is the first Nepal Priestly Practices - a very different kind of energy indeed. All my love xxx” Sara, Montreal, November 9, 2013 

“A friend of mine has a daughter who is 10 years old, and has undergone her third surgery yesterday (the last 2 in the space of 24 hrs) to place 2 tubes into her, located close to her 4th ventricle to drain away a continual build up of water...connected to another shunt. If you could send energy to her, to help her heal fast and strong it would be so appreciated by myself and the family ... much love and gratitude.” AFTER REIKI GROUP THERAPIES: “BREAKING NEWS: She is coming home and while we face many unresolved challenges, we believe the worst to be past. I firmly believe that each and every one of your individual thoughts added strength and positive energy and made this journey end positively. Maybe I finally understand the old adage of "ask and you shall receive". From the bottom of my heart and soul, THANK YOU!” Suzanne, November 1, 2013

"I highly recommend the Regression Therapy seminar, it's powerful." Ana, October 31, 2013

“I was just thinking how good I felt during the Reiki meditation, I felt so happy! I woke up this morning with that same feeling and still feeling happy.” Sandra, October 31, 2013

"Thank you for all of your contributions Brana. You hold a special place in all of our hearts and we love you so very much. And best wishes on an even better year! By teaching all of us the value the we have as physical and spiritual humans, we learn to shine from the inside. By doing this, she's making the world a brighter place to live in and a brighter future for us all. You are certainly a special person to each of us from the reiki family. You have such a special mission and I for one feel blessed to have been able to cross paths with you and to have walked so far in such a short amount of time. I can't even imagine what the future holds... But with you being there in this world, I feel confident in my abilities to create a splendiferous new world." André, Montreal, October 26, 2013 

"Andre I love the way you said that to Brana. It is so true, the leaps and bonds we are able to accomplish because of Brana's light that she holds out for us until we can stand a little stronger and brighter on our own what a wonderful trail we are all leaving behind for others to follow xoxo" Louise, Montreal, October 26, 2012 

"I absolutely love Wednesdays meditations! What an amazing experience connecting to the source! If the world was ruled by spiritually evolved people, the experiences we get to live in the manifested world would be permanently sublime. Thanks a lot to our lovely teacher GM Brana — feeling blessed." Alba, Montreal, October 16, 2013 

“I work as nurse in the USA and have an autoimmune disease, which causes the number of platelets in my blood to reduce. Doctors gave me very strong medications. At first they helped, and later they had no effect, my platelet count was going down, as low as 10,000 per microliter. I decided to attend the Reiki Grandmaster Academy seminar and was initiated into the first degree original Reiki and took a Reiki session with Brana. After the first Reki session, platelet counts started to increase until they reached the normal level. Thank you.” Sylvie, Montreal, October 14, 2013

“Hello Reiki Grandmasters, I have a little favor to ask. My friend just gave birth, and her little daughter is in intensive care with respiratory support at the hospital. If you have the time and feel so inclined, can you please send healing energy towards her? Much gratitude.” AFTER REIKI GROUP THERAPIES. “What a week she had! From suspicion of brain damage to... going home tomorrow! Her MRI showed absolutely nothing, she started breathing on her own, and her doctors are confident she will be OK so long as she sleeps with a breathing monitor.” Justyna, Montreal, October 8, 2013 

"We had such a great week-end in Ste-Lucie, even if it's Monday morning, I feel full of energy! Many thanks to Sandra for organizing it, Brana for being the best teacher, Marc-Joseph for suggesting this peaceful place, for the yoga in the morning and the beautiful songs ... and special thanks to my friends for being simply the best! Love you all," Marie-France, Montreal, October 7, 2013 

“Thank you Brana for this weekend in Ste-Lucie and for all the healing that you shared with us! What I felt during the meditation in the morning, I find I realized today, it was true love for myself. I had the best sleep ever, even fell asleep last night by 9:30, which is definitely not what I do! :) I felt such bliss today, such joy, peace at heart! It's as if I've been striving for this my entire life! Accepting/loving myself! It's just pure awesomeness! At first, once the meditation ended, people were sharing their wonderful personal moments and I didn't feel that, I felt just calmness, peace! & today I continue to feel that calmness and peace! I truly want to thank you for offering this weekend to us all and for your kindness and knowledge to help us/me transform in to this wonderful ME! Love you so much, thankful so much for all!” Nadia, Ottawa, October 7, 2013

“I had a terrible pain in my stomach, and went to the emergency hospital. One doctor told me that my stomach might be twisted, and that an immediate surgery may be necessary. As I touched my disk from Asgala, Brana called my cell phone, and she started transferring the energy. My pain was reduced in a few minutes. Shortly after, tests were done, all was fine, and I was out of the hospital by the end of the day. Thank you so much!” Abdel, September 2013

“Very enlightening opinions! Enjoyed them too, impressing how this group is evolving so fast! Like it's said in the Arab world, a good teacher is like a prophet.” Issa, Jordan, September 28, 2013

“Thank you Brana for everything and the brilliant vibration that I felt from you.” Cheena, Ottawa, September 22, 2013

“My 10-year old friend’s niece was diagnosed with Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer… 3 months later she is cancer free after my monthly Reiki sessions, the group Reiki therapy and Brana’s therapy. Thank you Brana, you are an amazing teacher. To my Reiki Family- nothing is impossible. It's possible! Big hug and thank-you to you all for your help.” Filomena, September 14, 2013 

“After tonight Reiki meditation, I feel too good! It was like coming back home! Thanks to Brana and all of you! I guess I missed you all more than I thought.” Marie-France, September 4, 2013 

“I can certainly agree with you, Marie-France! It hard to believe how much I missed you all. I love that we always receive such a warm reception by a group of people that have now become a part of my family. Brana never ceases to amaze me with her amazing meditations!!! Kudos to Sandra on a wonderful presentation. What an amazing reunion!” André, Montreal, September 4, 2013

“Inner peace, unconditional love, joy, freedom, harmony, bliss, oneness.” Sylvie, August 2013 

“I wanted to let you know that I had an ultrasound yesterday. The result says that two big fibromas were shrank (from 7cm to 5 cm and from 5 cm to 3 cm) which is an amazing result because fibromas will be smaller only by menopause which is far from me now or they could be removed by a surgery. The radiologist was very surprised. Thank you Sathya Eo’Than. :) ...” M.T., Montreal, August 10, 2013 

“Thank you all, my mom felt your energy! I spoke to her after the group healing. Thank you GM Brana for the super energy to heal our 3rd Chakra. It's still working!!” Alba, Montreal, August 1, 2013

“GM Brana Yes Brana! I loved it. Great gathering today! Received and sent lots, lots of healing. My kind of party! Much love!” Angie, July 31, 2013 

“Thank you Brana for an informative and energizing day on Saturday! And thank you to all the speakers.” Carol, Montreal, July 30, 2013 

“Thank you Brana for being Beauty and Love!!!” Eva, Montreal, July 29, 2013 

“My mom was initiated into Reiki I and I am sure she ain't stopping there...she's already seen a huge improvement in her health within one month. I can even feel it in her soft tissue when I give her massage!” Sandra, July 28, 2013 

“I was getting painful blisters on my fingers, which get red. The pain felt like thousands of needles are stabbing my hands. I tried everything, and went to many doctors, and none could properly diagnose the source of the condition. By coincidence I passed by the Reiki Grandmaster Academy Master Class, and received a voluntarily Reiki Master Group therapy and an energy surgery with one of the students. In one week, blisters were gone. Thank you.” Jason, Montreal, July 27, 2013

“A wonderful evening of thought provoking, ideas, theories and facts.... with a ripple of giggles for some fun. A moving meditation - Wednesdays evenings on St Catherine Street and Stanley, 3rd floor - not to be missed!!! Life altering experiences happen here with much gratitude to Brana!” Lucy, July 24, 2013 

“Thank you again GM Brana for this evening powerful healing meditation. Much love! Blessings! Xoxo” Angie, July 24, 2013 

“Reiki 1 has been a wonderful introduction to what is possible, however Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 have open doors to so much more! The energies felt and feeling are deep down at the cellular level! I see the results from moment to moment! Namaste to all. Namaste for sharing.” Dorothy, Ottawa, July 23, 2013 

“Today I feel infinitely grateful, today I see the world different! I am a Reiki Master 3 now ...this is just the beginning, and I'll go for the complete package. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of you my beloved Reiki family and to my sweet teacher GM Brana.” Brenda, Montreal, July 22, 2013 

“I love my Reiki family, I'll never stop reiking.” Brenda, Montreal, July 21, 2013 

"Lesson of the day- Thanks to GM Brana: No one can consciously or unconsciously upset you- they can only provoke you to bring out your own negative emotions- Thank them for a free diagnosis of your inner issues!" Melisa, July 7, 2013 Montreal 

“My wish is for everyone to enjoy this magical experience called 'life' as much as I am right now... my heart is bursting!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” Ian, Ottawa, July 5, 2013

“It was my first experience attending Saturday's healing day. It was awesome! Nice seeing everybody and meeting some very interesting people and receiving such amazing energy. Thank you to everyone it was great.” Louise, Montreal, June 29, 2013

“Thank you Brana for your healing, I felt like I was leaving something behind last night, now I know I did, the fear of speaking out loud what I am really thinking! Xxx” Patricia, Montreal, June 27, 2013 

"Quand je la rencontra Brana, je sus dès l'instant que nous nous connaissions et que nous nous retrouvions. Depuis le mois d'avril j'ai fais reiki 1 et ouverture des chakras, 2 sessions privée avec Brana et comme par hasard les malaises que je ressentais à l'intérieur de mon corps commença a disparaître et mon énergie a revenir. Depuis ce temps j'ai recommencé a méditer et a prendre soin de moi et surtout je retrouve mon énergie. Maintenant comme par hasard de grand miracle se produise au tour de moi.Taylor mon petit bébé reiki comme je l'appel est en parfaite santé tout danger est disparu. Des tâches blanches au cerveau qui aurait pu la rendre handicapé serieusement sont disparu, sa hanche disloquer est replacé avec l'aide de la grande famille Reiki et Brana, Taylor aura une belle vie heureuse et en santé remplie de lumière et d'amour universelle. Merci a ma lumière de m'avoir guidée vers la grande famille Reiki. Merci à Brana et Sathya Eo Than de me guidée et de m'enseigner la voix a suivre.Même si parfois le doute me hante je dis a mon ego a ce moment là de ne pas avoir peur que j'aurai toujours besoin de lui pour atteindre la lumière divine." Love you Gigi xxx Ghislaine Daoust, Montreal, June 27, 2013

"The best way to learn is to make mistakes, the best way to succeed is to fail. Gratitude moment!! Patience is such a rewarding virtue!! Thank you GM Brana... It’s been 1 year already since I first met you, 2012 madness turned out to be my 2013 blessings!! Love & Light from India." Laurence, India, June 17, 2013

"The most beautiful, peaceful and loving experience you can ever have! Reiki and meditation has helped me heal and understand what life and enlightenment truly is. I am so grateful to have found a teacher who has led me on the path to finding peace love and joy. Thank you Brana!" Paula, Montreal, June 15, 2013

“I had a stage 4 cancer, when I met Brana. Three months later, I am cancer free. Thanks to Brana! Still can't believe it...” S.V., Montreal, May 31, 2013 

"I've taken my Reiki system studies to the next level: this weekend I achieved Master Levels 6 & 7 in the Usui Fam Rei system. Thank you to my extraordinary teacher GM Brana for her tireless inspiration, care and mastery of the knowledge, and to my classmates for your boundless inspiration and generosity as we've shared this path. Much love to my Reiki Family!" Dawn, Montreal, May 6, 2013

“I broke my elbow, it got swollen, filled with fluids and it was very, very painful. Tom and Dawn, Reiki Grandmaster Academy students treated me with the Reiki session. My pain was reduced, and my elbow healed so fast that my doctor could not believe. He told me- You are healing too fast. Thanks guys! Love,” Veronica, April 2013

"As soon as I met Brana who is the only grandmaster in North America, I knew that the Universe answered my call and I was exactly where I needed to be. The months that followed I traveled back and forth to Montreal to study the original Reiki. It is an honor and privilege to be part of the first class to ever study the original Reiki in North America! Through my studies I was able to experience true bliss, balance, joy and deep emotional releases in a safe, gentle, compassionate, loving and non judgmental environment. Reiki now feels complete and it has allowed me to go even deeper down the rabbit hole of my own existence, which was filled with moments of serendipity, synchronicity, enlightening experiences, healing, telepathy and most of the questions I had ever pondered or contemplated on were answered, everything made sense." Crystale Boisvert, Ottawa, April 3, 2013

“What a wonderful experience with such lovely open-minded people, the original Reiki (Level 1).” Natalie, Montreal, March 24, 2013

“My Reiki experience is so powerful and life changing. So many things have transformed since the Reiki attunement, it would be difficult to describe them all. I sleep better, my pain is gone and my clarity has improved. I feel more energized, calmer and happier. What I have learned is truly enlightening. Looking at the glowing faces of my family and fiends after the Reiki sessions is amazing. The Reiki Grandmaster Academy truly is an oasis of love, joy and peace. No wonder that Dr. Oz recommends Reiki as the number one alternative therapy.” Marie, Montreal, March 10, 2013

“Thank you Brana, you are more than anyone can ask for as a teacher, friend and family, namaste, so grateful to such an incredible and beautiful human being to be in my life!” Crystale, December 22, 2012

"Special thanks to Brana for her energy, wisdom, compassion, and generosity. It was invigorating and rejuvenating to spend the day attending her Reiki workshop." Marc-Joseph, Montreal, November 11, 2012

“I grew up in Egypt, where I completed the university degree in engineering. Then I emigrated to the USA, where I worked for over 20 years as an engineer. My interest in alternative ways of healing was expressed through acupuncture and spiritual seeking in India and Nepal, where I studied Dharma. Brana’s therapy helped me emotionally, physically and spiritually. I have much more energy. I am sleeping better, have less gastric problems, she resolved blocks in my chakras. I was also thought to trust in my self and feel more at peace. A connection with my higher self became stronger and I advanced spiritually. There are more opportunities now. Brana suggested changes in my diet, which also helped me. Now I am leaving to India to help people.” Phil Selim, Montreal, September 22, 2012

"In general, I am a healthy person, but have a problem that tortures me. In an interval of few weeks I get migraine attacks that last for about two or three days, which make me feel awful. I tried many different drugs and procedures, to no avail. Sathya Eo'Than made an ancient vibrational massage which he refers to as the “cellular settings”. It is quite incomprehensible to me, but I had no more migraine attacks. I went to the Reiki Grandmaster Academy seminar and learned the techniques, which I use now to treat myself." Borisov, Sofia, July 15, 2011

"At the Reiki Grandmaster Academy I developed very special, superhuman abilities, which may be interesting to a producer of futuristic movies. Skills and knowledge that Sathya Eo'Than teaches are really from the future, although they are inherited from the past race that inhabited the earth. Extremely transformative and adequate for time, needs and capacity of the modern man." Alexander, Sofia, January 23, 2011