GM Brana is a spiritual teacher and the founder of AnandaOm, an academy for self-development and holistic wellness. Born with natural capabilities to harmonize subtle energies, she uses this gift to assist her students in their personal evolution to enable them to reach their full potential and harmony. Brana’s formal education background is in science and business. She holds a Master of Science degree in biomedical engineering and has held several successful advisory roles in both independent and global companies. She integrates this wealth of experience, knowledge and her natural capabilities to create a synergy of wisdom plus unconditional love energy to be used for both healing and self-empowerment. She’s a graduate of the nutrition program at the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies from eCornell University. Brana is a member of the Canadian Naturo-Therapist Association. 

unconditional-loveGM Brana

Brana was born to a family of teachers in a small Croatian town in south-eastern Europe. Her father taught mathematics as well as physics and her mother taught languages in an elementary school. Her spinal cord was twisted at birth and doctors told her parents that she would never walk, that she was in great pain and would require surgery. As if by a miracle, the spinal cord repaired itself and Brana started to walk, supported by her grandpa. Her grandparents were farm and restaurant owners. Brana’s grandmother had an awareness of her own energy capabilities and used herbs for healing. As a young girl, Brana spent time on her grandparents’ farm lovingly riding horses, painting, and enjoying nature in the company of many animals. 

Brana-SmallGM Brana as a child  

Brana was a curious and intuitive child with curly blonde hair. She learned how to read and write by herself, and had read the entire encyclopaedia by the age of seven. Brana excelled in school. Her favourite pastimes were basketball, swimming in the Mediterranean sea and chess. She ran marathons, played the accordion, practiced Taekwondo and won several chess competitions. She completed her college degree in Karlovac, at the same college as Nikola Tesla. She started studying at the University of Zagreb (in the Faculty of the Electrical Engineering and Computing), and completed her Master’s degree at the University of Belgrade in 1997, with a thesis in biomedical engineering- Telemedicine in a Cardiovascular Field. She had a great mentor, who had taught at the University of Alberta in the Department of Physiology, at the University of Miami School of Medicine in Florida in the Department of Neurological Surgery and at the University of Aalborg in the Department of Health Sciences and Technology. To support her studies, she tutored children in mathematics and physics. During this time, she lived with and was helped by a loving family of artists and teachers. 

After graduating, Brana started her career as a systems engineer in a certified partner of Bay Networks with its global headquarters in Boston. Interestingly, she was already helping people get connected. She supported Telecom operators and corporations in Europe in the routing, planning, setup and troubleshooting of the Internet. She completed her specialization in Maidenhead, England. In 1998, Brana moved to Montreal, Canada, and continued supporting Bay Networks in addition to various security products. After several specialization classes, in Billerica near Boston and Los Angeles in California, she received a designation as the Network Design Expert. After the acquisition of Bay Networks by Nortel Networks, she was project-managing reconfigurations of optical networks in the New Product Introduction division. She took classes from Project Management Institute professionals and furthermore, seminars on win-win negotiations. 

Brana advised the Economic Development on investment opportunities in start-up companies and mentored young entrepreneurs. She invented new technologies and received an international patent for her inventions. She also established new start-up companies and received innovation awards. Brana has appeared on various TV stations and her work was featured in magazines worldwide. She has traveled to over 30 countries and met many interesting and gifted leaders. She organized and executed the World’s First Women’s Chess Grand-Prix with qualifiers in seven countries and a finale in Montreal, which specially recognized female players. 

In September of 2011, Brana managed the Youth Chess for Peace project at the World Religion’s Conference with a special guest - His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama. 

HHDalaiLamaHH Dalai Lama receiving a chess set from GM Brana

The Youth project continued in Ghana, Africa with a televised broadcast of Brana's speech, and the release of white doves from their cages. 

PeaceReleasing White Doves in Ghana, Africa- Youth Peace 

Considering nurses the heroes of today, Brana started a pilot project with the emergency psychiatric section of a Montreal hospital, whereby the nurses were initiated into Reiki as part of their stress-reduction program, with favourable results. 

NursesGM Brana with lovely nurses 

Brana also runs charitable activities. She likes to volunteer at the Native Women’s Shelters and AnandaOm has donated proceeds from Reiki initiations to the First Nations women and children of Montreal. 

NativeWomenShelter1GM Brana with a First Nations boy 

Brana has always been interested in energy from both scientific and spiritual perspectives, and has read many books on the subject. She has kept up-to-date with the latest research on bio-energy and life after life. Very early on, she understood that we had abilities to manifest thoughts into the physical reality, and that by placing her hands on the place of the body which hurts, pain would go away. 

Arvind Sharma, a professor of comparative religions at McGill University and highly regarded for his expertise in religion and spirituality, introduced Brana to a book about Sri Ramana Maharshi. Maharshi reached self-realization by a method of meditation and self-inquiry. To this date, Brana loves gazing at Ramana’s photographs and has beautiful dreams of Arunachala hill, where Ramana lived. 

After reading Rumi’s poems, a 13th century Sufi poet, Brana was inspired with Rumi’s expression of love, and was later initiated in Sufism by Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani. 

SufiGM Brana's Initiation into Sufism

GabrielGM Brana with Dr. Gabriel Cousens at the Annual Modern Essene Gathering, After Shaktipat Initation 

Brana’s Reiki knowledge was first awakened by a very compassionate French female Reiki teacher. Following days of mediation, she gave to Brana her first Reiki Master spiritual name- Shakti, the universal principle of feminine energy, creation, empowerment and transformation. In total, she has been initiated into Reiki by four different teachers, including William Rand Lee. William became a Reiki Master in 1989 and received the Reiki Master level of training from six Reiki Masters including three from Japan. William designed and placed World Peace Crystal Grids at the North Pole, the South Pole, Jerusalem and Maui, promoting world peace and understanding. 

While Mikao Usui is considered a founder of Reiki, Brana’s methods of healing are based on her own talents developed from birth. Her mother was her first client, and she was cured after several remote Reiki sessions with Brana. Eventually, Reiki Grandmaster Brana founded a school called the DivineYu Reiki Academy to teach energy and consciousness transformation methods. The DivineYu Reiki system is founded on shamanic and Usui’s Reiki; however, it's also based on her unique and advanced program in which scientific and spiritual knowledge converge for the benefit of the students by supporting them in taking steps to self-realization. They are guided to connect with their true-selves, directly through the Source. The Academy provides a nurturing, holistic environment for self-healing and enlightenment and is always creating new programs to address today’s challenges. Brana enjoys seeing her students flourishing. She calls her school the Academy of Happiness. 

Brana has studied over fifteen different energy-therapy modalities, including four different types of Reiki, various energy therapies, meditations, crystal Healing, sound Healing, shamanic healing, Kabbalah, Sufism, Vedanta, mindfullness, the world’s major religions, mysticism, philosophy, psychology, human anatomy, nutrition and various other spiritual literature. Some of her favourite teachings come from Socrates and Pythagoras, ancient Greek philosophers. 

SedonaGM Brana guiding a meditation at the top of the Bell Rock Energy Vortex in Sedona, Arizona

Thriving in self-development environments, Brana loves to teach and attend classes. She also likes spending time in places steeped in scared geometry. In Montreal, one of her favourite meditation spots is the Basilica of Notre Dame and of course, AnandaOm which is designed as a place for broadcasting Agape Love energy. She loves nature and animals, and has welcomed a stray dog from the Dominican Republic into her home. After one surgery and two weeks of Reiki sessions, her Weimaraner was cured from body paralysis, which was caused by a spinal cord injury. 

Brana does what she teaches and lives a happy, healthy and harmonious life. She receives great support from her family, particularly from her sister, her wonderful husband and parents in all her endeavours.